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MADPRO MEDIA is the brainchild of the creative powerhouse, Radiant Web Technology Private Limited. It was incepted over countless cups of coffee, endless market research and an aim to become the next big game changers in the industry. From Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing to Creative Branding, Content Writing and Public Relations; our diverse services allow a single point of contact for all that your brand needs.

We grab eyeballs by helping you stand out! We are always under the influence; the heavy influence of creativity with a sprinkle of madness and voila comes out a hot plate of your freshly baked brand that no one can stop munching on.

We are mad professionals who act as Brand Doctors. We study the client’s brief like there is no tomorrow, carefully diagnose the symptoms and whip up the perfect concoction to cure your brand’s ailment. We’ve been called a digital agency, a media house, a branded content company, the business model of the future and a bunch of bloody dreamers. Truth is, we’re a bit of each.

While carrying out a brand audit, we poke and pry about your business with a purpose. We do research to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has thought.

Our brainstorming sessions are all about feeding off of each- others creative energies and coming up with a cumulative strategy to help you conquer the world. Our team loves vibing on a daily basis.

We transpire with freshly brewed concepts to create a brand image for your business. The intention behind every execution plan is to figure out the right medium to reach your target group.

our People

Meet Our Team

  • Yogesh Choudhary
    Yogesh Choudhary

    Chief Mentor

  • Meena Dhyani
    Meena Dhyani

    Innovation Guru

  • Som Nath
    Som Nath

    Graphic Pundit

  • Sonu Giri
    Sonu Giri

    Digital Httpster

  • Akhilesh Matela
    Akhilesh Matela

    Design Junkie

  • Nirvikar Satsangi
    Nirvikar Satsangi

    SQL Injector

  • Vijay Prakash
    Vijay Prakash

    Code Chef

  • Farhat Ahmed
    Farhat Ahmed

    Social Media Honcho